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Re: NTE-103A for Fuzz face is GOOOD!

1/18/2001 5:34 AM
Re: NTE-103A for Fuzz face is GOOOD!
AHA! So you built a NPN fuzz face! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for 103 types. My local surplus place lists the devices by their NTE number, even when the tranny is something else that crosses to the NTE #.  
In other words, they are crossing backwards.  
I found 2sb172s,b172, RCA2n109, and others by asking for nte102!  
I don't buy the NTE germs new, they want over $2 each for them, and I have heard they are very inconsistent.  
Try putting a silicon 2N3904 [or equiv] in Q1, you might find that it improves the clarity and attack without losing the cool FF feel.

Firefly Oh yeah. I had to try it. -- 1/19/2001 12:02 PM