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NTE-103A for Fuzz face is GOOOD!

1/18/2001 3:53 AM
NTE-103A for Fuzz face is GOOOD!
I can now personally reccomend this transistor, at least over the nte 158 for FF clones. I like the thing a lot but admit I only have about an hour playing with my newly changed over arbiter ckt.  
The biggest diff that I noticed was a much improved frequency range. The 158's were really muddy and completely unsatisfactory in that way. The 103a's have all the treble I want without being to bright. I still have to mess around with it and check the gain of the devices I have and some other minor tweaks I wanna try but the 103's are a hit for me.  
Now, Where did I put that printout of RG's fuzz face article????  

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