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Re: Space Echo

12/19/2000 9:59 PM
Ted Pimm
Re: Space Echo
I use 8-track tape. It was designed specially for looping duty. It works fine. You do need to make sure you have a good splice so that it doesn't drag in the capstan rollers and create a 'warble' every time the splice goes through the mechanism. Takes a little practice but not that hard.  
Good Luck.  
PS. I have the RE-501 which also has a tank-reverb and a Chorus. It also has 1/4" inputs for relay switching all functions (nice feature!). I built a big footswitching unit with a snake for playing live. I like it a lot but I have had problems getting the output signal at the right level to feed an amp despite the 3-output levels you can choose... This is my only complaint about it.