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previous: Lee M. Please don't encourage him. -- 8/11/2000 2:19 PM View Thread

I Agree

8/11/2000 4:18 PM
John Youngman
I Agree
"That "hack butchery" nonsense got old the second time I read it. He needs to come up with some new material.  
I agree, Lee. The only obstacle I see is that I believe Tremo is an almost seventy-year old man, so how does that saying go about old canines not being able to learn new tricks? (I always try and have respect/compassion for the elderly). He hasn't helped himself in the past with his sometimes annoying ways, and he has already been escorted out the door at least one other bulletin board. What I don't understand is: if he doesn't like it here, and it is obvious that his tone is not welcome by most, why bother? Still, I don't really care why he does the things the does.  
I have a feeling we are probably seeing the last of Tremo here. I would guess he does feel bad about not having experimented with new designs, like most of you have, while he still had the energy. So what we see here is envy as well as old age, and all he can do is be his grumpy ol' self and bicth because it appears to be the only way for him to get anyone's attention.  
Of course, if I was asked for advice, I would try to encourage him to cut up an amp and try something he is so much against (realizing he doesn't do it for fear on not knowing how to go about designing a good sounding amp). And along with that, I would probably suggest he took guitar lessons. Anyone who is so critical of any style of music other than what he can relate to, has, if nothing else, limited ears and is therefore likely to be a limited musician.  
PS: If anyone wants to pitch in, we could collect some money and get Tremo some "San Mateo" amplifier literature, so that he can get some ideas of what to do with his Fender collection. Then, if he makes progress with his guitar lessons, a high gain amp (I think he would like a Boogie) for his 71st birthday would probably be a great gift for him.

Vibro Dagnabit ,Y'all quit hackin those o... -- 8/11/2000 8:27 PM