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Damn RF interference.

3/24/2000 4:37 AM
Damn RF interference.
Aight....I've got a problem. I've this tube amp..A Red Bear. I broke an input jack and while I was replacing it thought about making a switching circuit so that I could switch between the clean and crunch (it doesn't have channels....It pretty much just sticks a gain stage in front as far as I can tell). I balied out of that idea and am trying to wire it back the way it was. NOw when nothing is plugged in I get some white noise. When I plug into the crunch input I get just a wee bit of high frequency oscillation. When I plug into the clena input I get horrible RF interference from a station somewhat nearby at 98.1 MHz. I get this intereference with just a cable plugged into the amp. When I plug it into my guitar (humbucker with split) I get interference in all pickup selections. Using my PBass I get interference only when the volume is all the way up or all the way down. What have I done?!? HELP!!!

PTJohn I will preface this by stating that... -- 3/24/2000 6:32 PM
Don Symes Also, doublecheck your ground conne... -- 3/24/2000 8:34 PM