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Re: Carvin Legacy?

3/15/2000 10:55 PM
Matthew Drobnak
Re: Carvin Legacy?
"I have not seen any schematics for these amps yet, personally speaking. Perhapes someone else has seen them(?) I've played through one a few night ago and i was not all that impressed to be honest. I guess all the marketing hype was still floating around in my head :)"
Ok, did you mess with the settings of treble,bass, and ESPECIALLY the mid controls? They make a big difference, and it seems that for most situations you need to back off the mids to like 2.5-3 for rhythm playing and maybe a little higher for lead, but the midrange on that amp is pure insanity! If set up correctly, it sounds really friend Adam has one, and I recently played it using both his guitar (Ibanez JPM-100P2) and my gutiar (Ibanez RG-7620) and I've also heard him using his strat, and the guitar does make a differance in tone (for once)...Overall, I think it's a good bang for the buck...the only downside is that it uses carbon comp resistors -- though it has a parts list that lists every single part in there, which is kinda cool..  

Trace q{Ok, did you mess with the setting... -- 3/16/2000 5:07 PM