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Re: metal thrashin' mad

3/15/2000 5:37 PM
Re: metal thrashin' mad
"Kill'em All: Modifed Marshalls (Post 76 JMPs and JCM 800s)."
According to Paul Curcio (the producer/engineer) those Marshalls were stock with a little help from a couple tubescreamers. They also cut a lot of mids on the board to get that "Scooped" sound. I'm not debating the issue mind you, I'm just relaying what Paul had told me.  
"Black Album: Pretty much the same, except that now James started to scoop his sound less severly, bringing some mids back into the sound. Still pretty scooped though."
Actually James didn't have a choice. Bob Rock refused to let him cut any mids on the console. James had cut the mids on the board ever since the "Kill'em All" album. He told him he could do what ever he liked on the amp head but he couldn't touch the board.  
They also used a great deal of Marshall heads (plexi's and super leads) as well as some Orange and Hiwatt amps. These amps were in Bob Rock's personal collection. Rent or buy the the "Two years in the making" it's 2=VHS tapes and one is all on the recording of the "Black" album and you'll see all the Marshalls James is plugged into in the control room.  
"ReLoad: The main amp is a 50 watt Wizard Modern Classic played through Marshall 4x12 w/Vintage 30's. This amp sounds MUCH better through greenbacks. I know because I have one."
The funny thing about these albums is that all but three or four tracks were recorded when "Load" was recorded. It was originally going to be a 2=CD release but then they decided they would tour and then put some finishing touches on what would become "Reload" after they got off from the last leg of the tour so there would not be so much time in between albums. Pretty clever really.