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Re: Who would mod a BF Deluxe Reverb?

1/17/2000 6:38 PM
Re: Who would mod a BF Deluxe Reverb?
I never get into these threads! I've got my own beliefs on modding and such, and I probably fall into the "middle ground". No, don't drill a BF Fender, yet install that bias pot on a BF Princeton so you can quit having to change that bias resistor every time you retube!  
Anyway, John, at least these guys are writing books on the topic of guitar amplification. Sure there's plenty of "tube amp theory" books out there (and I own several, including RDH4); yet Weber's (Desktop Refer.) got me started into tube amps and most of all got me INTERESTED in learning more. John, if you want to write a book that is "technically perfect" and deals with guitar amps, then go ahead (I may buy it), but don't sit there and blast all of these authors; they took the time to share information and if you want to give us the "corrections" then feel free.  

Fred G. Troy, I think you ... -- 1/17/2000 8:30 PM