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Re: Who's the oldest fart here?

1/15/2000 3:28 PM
Mike T
Re: Who's the oldest fart here?
Well, since we're all checkin in, I may as well bite the bullet...47 here. 65 PR, rebuilt 75 PR, 65 VibroChamp, rebuilt 70 something Champ (6G2), rebuilt 70 something Musicmaster Bass (6G2), Marshall 4010 50watt 1x12 combo, 50 watt Marshall JMP head, Marshall 1960 4x12, Marshall 1912 1x12 cab, rebuilt Bassman chassis in Fender 75 1x12 cab, SWR Basic Black, PRS Standard, G&L ASAT Special (my baby), 2 homemade Strats, Fender PBass lite, Taylor 612 CE. And a few on the bench, including an old Ampeg Stereo twin that burps and farts till it warms up. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside....  

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