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Re: Super Blowing Speakers/Arching Output X?

1/11/2000 7:08 PM
JBRe: Super Blowing Speakers/Arching Output X?
To test this sort of situation on an old amp with an intermittent DC problem on the output, I set up the following:  
Set up amp on bench with signal generator connected to input and load resistor connected to speaker out. Also connect a DMM to the speaker output. Set the meter to DC volts, and to hold the highest reading. Turn the amp on and let it cook for a while. You can also set up a scope on the output to monitor. If the transformer arcs when overheated and passes DC, then the DMM will catch it. I would leave the chassis in the cabinet at first, to simualte a real world situation. The chassis removed from the cabinet may get more ventilation and not arc.