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PT i.d.

1/5/2000 5:58 PM
Ted Pimm
PT i.d.
Hello I picked up a strange PT at a surplus for a couple of bucks (its very new looking). It has the following codes and I was hoping someone might recognize the EIA (RMA) code and identify who mfg'd it so I might request some data.  
stamped into the bottom bell:  
It has no CT's but has the following taps which I am guessing functions for):  
Bk-BkY (3.4ohms) Primary A for 115VAC?)  
BkRd-BkGn (3.6ohms) Primary B for 120VAC?)  
Y-YGn (0.2ohms) Fil-Sec 6.3VAC(measured)  
R-R (12.8ohms) Sec? @ 255VAC(measured)  
Bn-Bn (40.0ohms) Sec? @ 120VAC(measured)  
The secondaries were measured with 118VAC applied to the B-BkY. No taps or continuities otherwise.  
It is about the same size or slightly larger than a 50W Fender PT but obviously was meant for another purpose whith the strange windings. I was hoping to Bridge rectify the 255VAC secondary for around 300VDC filtered.  
It is strange that the Bn-Bn winding has the highest resistance but not highest voltage.  
Any ideas on the purpose of this or if I'll be alright on the 255VAC secondary for a tube amp?  

Doc I can't ID the transformer, but the... -- 1/7/2000 7:56 PM