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Re: Soundproofing a band room.

12/28/1999 7:53 PM
Re: Soundproofing a band room.
I used to have a studio that I built using various methods, to great effect. First I isolated the plate (the bottom piece of wood on the wall) from the concrete floor with foam gasket. Secondly, when framing ,the less 90 degree angles the better. Thirdly instead of shitrock I used canvas and lagging (a plastery kind of paint) this provided a lot of attenuation; you might want to add some hard surfaces to taste. If you want hard walls it will help to nail the studs (upright 2x4s) on the flat, alternating from side to side on the plate (less sound transmission through the structure). Other ideas are heavy lead foil in the walls and a couple of layers of old carpet on the floor. This is not isolation, but it takes up less space and money  
p.s. I won't even go into air conditioning baffles (unless you want me to)  

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