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Orange w/ Fender p.t.??

12/27/1999 8:29 PM
Orange w/ Fender p.t.??
Picked up an old Orange last week in real fixer-upper condition. Everything seems to be there, except there's what appears to be a Fender p.t. (J022756) instead of whatever this thing is supposed to have. My first question is: what is the orange wire? Everything else seems to make sense (2 reds-pri, 2 green-fil, red/blu-bias, red/yellow-c.t.[?], orange-??), but the orange doesn't show up in any layouts or schems I've seen. Second, can anyone tell me if I can even use this thing with the type of rectifier already there (8 IN4005s/bridge), or will I need to go with the Fender style & adapt accordingly? Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

SpeedRacer If the wire does not have continuit... -- 12/29/1999 12:56 AM
Bird Dog I would first check the red/yellow ... -- 12/29/1999 11:48 PM