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Re: valve art KT66

12/25/1999 5:49 AM
Matt D
Re: valve art KT66
I won't mention the vendor; he did offer to make things right if needed. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let the tubes burn in. By that time I didn't feel like going thru the hassle of returning them. Also developed a nasty crackle when switching from standby to play. After swapping the recti & checking power supply caps, I realized the KT66's where the culprits.  
I installed the 6L6GWB's because I look to the Bluesbreaker for overdriven tone. Even at 28 watts or so it is rather loud when dimed. The KT66's gave me "more"- more bass & more headroom. I liked the tone at several outdoor gigs without mics on the amps; at rehersals and most gigs I had to turn down and lost the magic.  
The 6L6WGB's sound fine in the amp- crisp & clear at lower volumes, get the grind going towards 10. Distort a little easier compared to the KT66's.