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Re: Concept of a 1000+ watt tube bass amp

12/19/1999 2:12 PM
Ken Gilbert
Re: Concept of a 1000+ watt tube bass amp
I should point out a few more things...  
the 2500 bucks will get you the parts. You gotta put 'em together.  
the v1505 triode made by GEC is obviously very hard to find. It is a mother of a tube, with 3kv B+ rating, 275W plate dissipation, mu of 16, rp of 2k, and gm of 8 mS. There isn't really any other tube out there with this kind of performance.  
BUT I would think that a 4 pack of the svetlana hockey pucks (the ceramic power triodes, in particular the 3cx300a1) would do the job. It has the added benefit of relaxing the requirements on the driver circuit (the gec design had a 20W driver circuit!) since the 300a1 is not designed to draw grid current. Max B+ here is 1800V, plate dissipation with forced air cooling is a solid 300W.  
These tubes require high negative grid bias, but as a result do not push the grids positive. I could draw some curves if you're interested and find some potental operating points.  
You still get fucked by the OPT. That will have to custom. I would say Jack Elliano at ElectraPrint is your best choice here... I heard a rumor he was working on a PP design for 300W, F/R from 11Hz to 42KHz full power!  
The good thing is that if you can limit your bandwidth requirements the difficulty of constructing and therefore the cost of the tranny would be greatly reduced. For example, if you only need about 5K of HF, then you don't need to worry too much about paracitic capacitance, and therefore don't need to interleave the windings, and therefore save on labor, get higher primary L, use less copper, that sort of thing...  
I would expect a 1KW OPT to weigh something like 75-100 pounds.  

dave OH MY!... -- 12/19/1999 5:29 PM