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Re: Torres Engeneering kits

12/5/1999 1:16 PM
Re: Torres Engeneering kits
I agree. If you use Torres kits as starting points, they work fine. He usually has quite a few "try this" things in them that can be educational tools, if used right.  
I've used this Bandmaster as a test bed for almost everything. I currently have the master volume kit, super high gain, where an extra stage is added making it a single channel. I put his effects loop in and used the jacks from the second channel for it. The normal channel's jacks jump one another depending which one you use. I put in a mid boost, a midrange pot, a ten turn bias pot, played around with cathode biasing for a while, but went back to it's original setup. I've used .022 caps for tone and put biasing jacks on the back to use it to match tubes. Next is a tube rectifier. I probably have other stuff changed, but, I don't remember.  
Probably sounds stupid, but, I had a lot of fun doing it since this is basically a hobby for me. I've played guitar for quite a while and always wanted to get into an amp and see what makes it work. Five or six years ago I started on a sf Champ and have gone on to quite a few others. I like to get amps at a reasonable price, re-cap them and make them sound right, play them for a while, then sell them, usually at a loss. Isn't that the definition of a hobby? Something that uses up large amounts of money and time and has no significant benefit?  
I've also used this forum and numerous other outlets for help in understanding the workings of tube amps. I'm a commercial photographer, not an engineer. I don't ever attempt to work on other people's amps. I leave that to professionals, just as I'd hope people would leave their photography to me.  
Anyway, Fender amps are easy to work on, as are Sovteks, and I don't particularly have any "feelings" for vintage stuff. Anything that's 30 years old needs help. If it sounds good, it could sound better.  
Thanks for your reply.  

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