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Re: Isolating (hum-free!) A/B/Y box at GEO

7/29/1999 12:42 PM
Re: Isolating (hum-free!) A/B/Y box at GEO
Belt and suspenders...  
Well, actually, it's one of my update mistakes. The inner 2.2M is there to provide bias for the opamp, the outer one is a leftover from when I had it as a single supply and there was a capacitor between the outer 2.2M and the 10K. The outer one provided a consistent pull down there - again, probably not necessary because there is no bypass, but I do it as a habit anyway.  
I found that the single supply is not enough headroom for good results where the splitter has to handle not only guitar level but also the output of an effect, which may bang all the way from end to end on a 9V battery.  
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.... *<8-)

Ed Rembold Thankyou for the clarification R.G.... -- 7/30/1999 2:35 AM