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Re: Distortion Article

7/15/1999 10:29 PM
Jon Blackstone
Re: Distortion Article
R.G. -  
I must apologize for stealing the title "Distortion 101" for my little treatment. I know I've read your excellent FAQ since 1995. I'd missed or forgotten that you used that heading. Do you mind? I like the brevity of it. But I'll try to get it to come us as something else in search engines and directories. Also, I think I'll add a link to your FAQ as recommended further reading, if you have no objection.  
The original purpose of my primer was to try to get guitarists to focus on the empirical phenomena, thus freeing themselves of the prejudices and dogma surrounding the electronics. It seems to me that that dogma (or guitarists' partial understanding of it) is inspiring a lot of preposterous marketing, and making it difficult for consumers to get useful information about which products might meet their needs.  
>Most people that do this don't recognize what's happening  
>and just tinker components until their ear tells them they like it.  
This has certainly been my methodology: Tinker til I like it, then analyze afterward. I hope there isn't too much resentment among the true EEs for us "tap-tuners".  
I'll have to get that issue of EE Times (odd place to find music stuff) and see what Murphy said. Tracking the envelope is interesting. Starts to remind me of my days mucking with modular synthesizers. But I'm finding that I get lots of transitions just through the use of multiple stages. You must have developed some specific ideas about *where* you want symmetry and asymmetry. I think it's just the change itself that I'm liking.  
Thanks for your feedback,  
Jon Blackstone

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