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Re: Why compressors first

7/15/1999 3:30 AM
Mark HammerRe: Why compressors first  
Some pitch shifters include the ability to recirculate the shifted sound, and shift it again, producing what Craig Anderton liked to call "bell tree" sounds. The setup you describe would be capable of producing such sounds, but rendering a different voicing to successive iterations.  
Here's a wacky one: Guitar gets sent out from a stereo auto-panning device (my Pandora does this) to two different delay lines. Output from each delay line gets recirculated through some sort of dynamic processing (e.g., Mutron) and fed back to mono input. The auto-pan should be out of sync with the delay time, such that auto-pan output may or may not get recirculated back through the devices it was originally processed by. The final stereo output from this mish-mosh may require hospitalization! We're definitely into Steve Hillage turf here.