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Re: Distortion Article

7/14/1999 9:15 PM
Jon Blackstone
Re: Distortion Article
Actually, I've found that the sine wave response waveform doesn't tell me very much about a pedal or amp. That's partly why I put in that paragraph about there being many different waveforms with the same harmonic content (due to the ear's insensitivity to phase of harmonics). Spectrum plots are better, but they can also be hard to find meaning in. While doing spectrum analysis on a bunch of pedals recently, I observed that the best sounding distortions go back and forth between emphasizing odd and even harmonics over the range of amplitudes that corresponds to a guitar signal. It's almost more interesting to listen to this than to look at it on a spectrum analyzer. You feed a sine wave into the distortion device and, as you vary the level, you hear it morph from a clarinet-like sound (odd harmonics) to an insect-like sound (even harmonics).  
No transitions = static, unsatisfying sound/feel? Any takers on this theory?  
Jon Blackstone

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