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Distortion Article

7/9/1999 11:35 PM
Jon Blackstone
Distortion Article
Hi all.  
I've just put up on the web a very brief article explaining the basics of guitar distortion, a subject that I know is near and dear to many readers of this BBS. I'd like to hear any comments people might have - correct inaccuracies, or tell me if you find it interesting/informative.  
The article features a Java applet that demonstrates the relationship between harmonics and waveforms.  
The URL is  
It's part of a site promoting the pedals I manufacture.  
Jon Blackstone

Lee It was interesting reading and I ha... -- 7/13/1999 0:38 AM
Ed Rembold Dear Jon, Thanks for artic... -- 7/13/1999 3:00 AM