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Re:RI SG Historically Accurate?

10/5/2000 12:13 AM
Re:RI SG Historically Accurate?
FWIW there is a picture of my exact guitar in the book called "The Ultimate Guitar Book" by Tony Bacon on page 88. It calls it a 1963 SG Special, stating that the SG body style replaced yhe earlier Special in 1961. The P90 equipped model was produced until 1971. Is the Special a lower end model?  
Oh yeah, after I had paid and was leaving the store with my new guitar another clerk mentioned that I had bought the Joan Jett guitar. When I asked him what he ment he told me that she had sold the guitar to their California store and they sent it up to Vancouver. I wonder if its true?  

Steve A. Kenny: -- 10/8/2000 8:45 AM