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Re: '57 Les Paul Junior

5/4/2000 11:26 PM
Re: '57 Les Paul Junior
go for it!  
get it while you can, these guitars are going fast, expect to pay about 1800 to 2000 dollars for it, and you should pay it those giutars are worth every cent, great investment, the frets dont matter at all, but take a look inside check the solder joints make shure they look old as dirt. guys love buying those guitars and taking the pickup out. also another dirty trick is respraying with a fresh coat of laquer to make the guitar look like its in great shape. this is what kills the value on old jr's and any other vintage piece. they way to tell if the guitar was over sprayed is by smell and also the logo on the headstock should be on top of the finish. these logos were silks creened on. the logo is very fragile as touching it will wipe it off im talking about the word  
"les paul" that goes up the center of the headstock. well good luck.

Kevin Scott, thanks for the advice. A fri... -- 5/7/2000 9:02 PM