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Re: Kinmans V's Fralins (LONG)

4/2/2000 5:08 PM
Re: Kinmans V's Fralins (LONG)
Having played vintage strat pickups for  
many years (38) I fully understand and can  
hear there qualities and shortcomings. I  
have also tried Fralins which are very much  
like the originals.They have great bell or  
quack tones in the in between pickup settings  
They are thin and pretty sounding .There problems  
are, They are noisy,The highs are too glassy  
and don't distort well.The originals are so  
inconsistant.Of the last 10 pre-CBS strats I  
have played only 2 had decent sounding pickups  
Kinmans (AVN Blues set) differ from the above  
by being slightly warmer and by having adequate  
clear highs that distort VERY well.They have very  
string magnet pull that allows two things to be  
available to you. 1- you can raise the pickups  
to get more output which strats need desperately  
need 2- you will get more sustain and no out of  
tune-ness on the lower strings.They are MUCH more  
expressive and will track your picking nuances.  
Aron's friends said they had no bloom which  
I read as expressiveness ( when you dig in there  
should be lots of dynamics available to you.)  
I couldn't disagree more .They are the MOST  
dynamic pickups I have ever played. They also  
are DEAD quiet which allows you to play very  
quiet passages with out noise!  
For me the snobish attraction to the original  
strat pickup tones is silly when you don't have  
to put up with there shortcomings.  

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