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Re: G&L Electronics

11/12/1999 8:12 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: G&L Electronics
Funny thing is, I rarely use the active mode. The peramp chip shorts when I decide to try it on a whim for a slightly different tone. I never crank the outputs and the chip is post pots.(My amp is voiced very loud. Surprise! Surprise!)  
I am thinking I got two bad chips out of a bad batch, because when it shorts, I can make the buzz go away in passive by taking out the battery. The noise goes away, and I still get to play. I am just now considering fixing it myself, because of the headache of waitng on a warrnatee repair that is going to crap out in another six months.  
In response to the question concerning DC at the input, I checked that the first time. I thought that may have been the cause at first because I usually leave this bass plugged into my Traynor all the time.(The Traynor is the only amp at the house. Everything else is at practice space, and I don't gig the G&L, I love it too much!)