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Ampeg Faceplate Lettering Repairs ?

9/17/2000 6:03 PM
Andy Fuchs
Ampeg Faceplate Lettering Repairs ?
I bought an Ampeg (4 X 7027,2 x 12, Reverb Combo Model not noticed), at a garage sale this weekend (cheep). I want to clean it up to just resell. It has literally almost no faceplate lettering left. This was common on the aluminum faced Ampeg amps of the time. Cost would preclude actually making a new faceplate. Has anyone sucessfully restored this style faceplate, and if so, what did you use for lettering and lines ? I figured rub on letters and a coat of spray lacquer should be okay, no ?

Richie{~}==::: I don't have any of the metal ones.... -- 9/17/2000 9:27 PM