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If Carb Comps suck, why are they still being manufactured?

6/8/2000 3:23 AM
If Carb Comps suck, why are they still being manufactured?
Peter, it's not going to be a drastic or major change in tone by replacing one or two couplers or tone caps with 6PS or 715P or 225P or whatever as long as it's only one or two of them and not ALL OF THEM! If you change *all* of them, don't expect the the amp to have an "aged" tone or sound "broken-in" or the "superstitious tone" or a "raunch factor" that new amps or old amps with all new parts simply don't have. This is something one can only measure with the ears - it doesn't show up on the scope. Maybe in your region of this land mass, most guitarists like their amps to have hi-fi qualities. Maybe it's your body chemistry. I still can't figure out why one would seriously alter to "improve" the sound of an old Fender by replacing all those "inferior" parts to have some kind of "new, sterile, overly clean, lacking sustain & warmth tube amp. And I've already done it myself, and I've already concluded, it sucks.  
Regarding carbon comps, I've read some that were less in value too. Yes, some of them go down in value. And I've applied extra value in the replacements to attempt to "simulate" that "upward drift" in resistance, but it didn't really do much of anything.  
Most of the cats here (the Big Easy) play blues and R&B and that "old" tone is what they want. And they've been having me do mod removals and I do give a flying frick about this, because, from what I've heard by playing on these amps or them playing on their amps, the old Fenders with only electrolytics replaced when necessary, retubed when necessary, defective or way-way out of tolerance and excessively noisy parts and ONLY those parts replaced, there's a sound that new amps that new amps simply don't have. I've heard Fender Custom Shop amps, Matchless, Naylor, Victoria, etc., and they all sound great, but still sound like a new amp - too new. Yes, there are hard-to-define presumed & subjective tonal characteristics in old working Fenders, etc., but one has to only play to perceive with the ears to be able to tell.  
Damm! I wish you guys could've heard a brown Concert that went out of the shop last week!  
They inherently sound great, so I really didn't have to "improve" it - all I had to do was repair it.  
I don't expect anyone to agree with me - I'm only stating my position on this.  
As we were,  

pumpstein I wish you guys could've heard a... -- 6/10/2000 12:18 AM