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Re: 94 Evil Twin input jack repair trick

7/27/2000 4:29 AM
Re: 94 Evil Twin input jack repair trick
Hi Tim,  
The Devilles and Deluxes do use the same jacks in each of those, but they're not the same as the 94 Twin Amp's input jacks. Wait till you get one in and observe. The ones in the Devilles/Deluxes can't really easily be soldered upon, but can be replaced with Switccraft #12A's as long as the jack ground's are insulated from chassis ground.  
The 94 Twin uses the same kind of jacks as the Devilles/Deluxes for the loops and footswitch, but the input jacks are 'now for something completely different'. And they also being PCB mounted, but the PCB is "upside down" (foil side up) and there's very little access to replace with #12A's and have wires dangling from jacks to board and be able to position them in. You gotta see it to believe it.  
Sorry I don't have a vidcam to show it.