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94 Evil Twin input jack repair trick

7/27/2000 1:14 AM
94 Evil Twin input jack repair trick
Found after replacing J1 in several of these amps, the amp still popped & crackled intermittently from a bad ground connection in these style jacks.  
Solution: since it's almost impossible to replace the input jacks with Switchcraft #12A's, you basically have to use the original jack type. But here's what to do - solder the jack's ground lead bracket to the sleeve bushing. There's a round opening at the top of the jack to do this. Don't worry about melting too much plastic as long as you don't melt tooo much. Just flux it a bit in there and solder away, making sure it is truly soldered with solder completely adhered to the surfaces, after all we don't want balls of solder floating around in the circuit. Input jacks are chassis grounded so this should not give any noise problems.  
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Tim C. Hi Elwood,Thanks fo... -- 7/27/2000 3:12 AM