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Re: Is 220mA too Hot?

5/23/2000 6:13 PM
Dan ZRe: Is 220mA too Hot?
Thanks for responding Peter. 220mA seemed pretty ridiculous to me, but I didn't want to leave the amp on long if that reading was right. I placed the negative lead on Pin 3 and the positive at the junction of the circuit board where the red wire out of the OT connects. (Obviously, I'm new at this.) What worried me was that turning the bias adjustment pot didn't seem to have any effect. How do I work back from the tubes to the bias pot to the power supply to find the faulty component?  
Do I measure the negative bias voltage simply by placing a lead on both power tubes' pin 5? How do I check the plate voltage?  
Dan "Stupid Novice" Z

jason q{Do I measure the negative bias vo... -- 5/23/2000 6:45 PM