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Re: It's Up -- URL enclosed

9/13/2000 1:12 PM
Paul Harker
Re: It's Up -- URL enclosed
"Just off the top of my head: look at the damn back-to-back diode clipping -- in two spots no less."
D1/D1 on the input are a real problem based on my experience. With my Strat -- no trouble. But with my Les Paul's hotter output it is impossible to get a clean tone without turning down the guitar's output to avoid diode clipping/dirt. The 1N4148s clip the signal between .62 and .72vdc.  
The second set of diodes (D12/D13) well, they are switchable via the Drive circuit so not so much of a problem at the moment.  
So... here is my situation:  
I've got this Tube 30 sitting here. I want to mod it for better tone/operation, yet still retain a level of resale value. My current plans are to clean up that input stage, adjust the gain on the outputs of V1b so that "Drive" and "Clean" are closer in audible amplitude (probably drop the drive signal a touch).  
I've already upgraded the speaker to a Jensen reissue C10Q which brightens the amp considerably.  
Any other suggestions folks (I know you can't hold back now!)??