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rebuild and modded marshall.

6/3/2000 9:18 PM
john hermsen
rebuild and modded marshall.
Hi everybody,  
Today I rebuild my trusty jmp mkII, witch I bought new in '82. I changed all the coupling and cathode caps for orange drops. Solderd out the 470pf cap across the volume. Changed the 10k cathode resister for 4.7k, the 33k slope resistor for a 47k. Then I changed the two 470pf ceramics for 270pf silver mica's.  
First impression, it's broken it doesn't hiss! Amazing how silent it is now. It has a bit more gain, a lot less trebly high can finally turn up the treble up. Mids are mutch nicer.  
I've read all these changes/mods here and would like to thank everybody for their input.  

Trace q{I've read all these changes/mods ... -- 6/13/2000 1:56 PM