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Adding MV (or PC?) to cathodyne PI

5/29/2000 6:06 AM
Steve Ahola
Adding MV (or PC?) to cathodyne PI
    In converting my Electar 30 into a Wreck Express with 2 cathode-biased EL84's I was wondering about adding a MV to a cathodyne driver similar to the Princeton AA964. Any suggestions?  
    How about a crossline MV similar to the Matchless Spitfire? A single-ganged 1M pot wired as a variable resistor between the outputs of the PI coupling caps... Possibly on a push-pull pot to switch in a cap for a Vox/Matchless Cut control instead of the MV?  
    What about the type that replaces the bias resistors with a 100k or 250k dual-ganged pot- will that work with cathode bias (with the "bias" resistors connected to ground instead of a bias voltage)?  
    Or just use the type with an extra pair of coupling caps and a dual-ganged pot?  
    Actually, I'd rather have a Presence Control but I have no idea how to wire it up to a cathodyne driver. :(  
Steve Ahola

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