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Re: Jose Arredando Marshall Mod Whos got the mod scoop?

10/13/2000 4:12 PM
mike kach
Re: Jose Arredando Marshall Mod Whos got the mod scoop?
Growing up in LA, I have owned Jose Amp, and Several of my Friends had those plexi's moded by Him, I hate to break it to you, but nothing is special by todays ,info highway standards, there.  
The mods were done in very unprofessional way with a caps and resistors hanging up in the air, and wires aranged all over the place, I have to admit that the amp sounded better than stock, but it was noisy as hell. The part of the so called mod was incorporated with JCM 800 series amps by Mr. Marshall himself, but to achieve the levels of gain Jose used simple buffered effects loop that could be switched in or out of signal path, also the extra gain was achieved through addition of caps in a second pre amp stage, the ticket to the great marshall tone is cathode follower stage just like an old baseman had, so all myth involved with Jose is just a myth, any competent tech can work with an artist to create tone he/she are looking for, it acheived through experimentation and experience. We all have to greatfull to Mr. Van Halen who popularised the Marshall mods, Jose was just a guy living next door to VH, so it could of been Trace, if he lived next door to MR, VH at that time. I just wish that I had that amp, I would take pic of it and you all would see what kind of a mess it is, by todays standards. Soldano used to do a lot of mods in his early days, and his stuff was tops, and amps were relativelly hissless, and buletproof.  
Sorry for a long rant, but I Just wanted to get if off my chest.  
Mike Kach www.mandgamplification.

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