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Re: tech pay--???

10/5/2000 1:30 PM
Re: tech pay--???
When I was an amp guy in college, 6 years ago, the owner of the guitar shop let me keep all the dough from repairs. He just wanted to be able to offer the sevice to his customers, he didn't care about making money off of me. The going rate was $25 an hour, with $25 minimum. Of course I was a softy, and usually would screw myself and say "Aww, just give me $20" after I had spent a couple of hours on an amp. I couldn't help but think that the poor saps were as broke as me. Nobody ever complained, even when I stuck them with bills for $100 or more. This was in a small town.  
I miss the coolness of the job, but I had to sell-out and get a standard old office job to pay for a wife and a couple of kids.  
If you know what you're doing, you should be able to get $10 - $20 per hour depending on location, I would guess.