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Re: Cathodyne vs. Long tail pair and other stuff...

9/27/2000 7:55 PM
Re: Cathodyne vs. Long tail pair and other stuff...
"A well set-up cathodyne PI should give pretty much the same power as a long-tailed-pair AFAIK. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong."
Sounds right to me, as long as the PI is not clipping before the power amp. The only ways to increase power I know of is to:  
raise the B+  
change the output tranny primary impedance  
change power tube operating point  
B+ is pretty much fixed, Outpout Z is pretty much fixed, and if you are already biased in class AB, you don't have much room to run. I suspect that if you had a dummy load and scope you would measure more than 30Watts. Probably 40W or so.  
My guess.