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Re: dynacord emiment 2

9/19/2000 9:11 PM
Re: dynacord emiment 2
Hello Ivan.  
I'm not shure I can explain that correctly in English, and I'm not an expert, but I'll try.  
It's outputs for higher impedances, wich means higher voltages, than for ordinary speakers. Very common for installations in, for example, industries, shopping centras etc., with many small speakers connected together. Usually (always?) there are small transformers at every speaker to reduce the impedance/voltage.  
It means that You can use thin wires because there will be lower currents (Ampéres) than with ordinary speakers.  
I hope You understand!  
I had a look at my Eminence II last weekend, and it has several outputs for 4, 8 and 16 Ohms.  
There is a ECC81/12AT7 driving the two EL34's. The rest is solid state.  
Maybe I can get a shematic on it in the near future.  

Ivan Hello and thanks,I ... -- 9/20/2000 8:02 AM