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Re: Pics?????

9/7/2000 4:31 AM
Re: Pics?????
Peter -  
"Hey, thanx for all the help. Nice looking amp! My tails look kind of like your tails."
Anytime! Your informative posts have helped me on more than one occasion. Glad to be able to return the favor. Yes the tails are similar...and looking sweeeeet.  
"...but the money is in the repairs, so the amp building comes second...Check out this pic........maybe.;) ...I plan on finishing it this weekend if all goes my way. I'm going to do it in BlackBurst Nitrocellulose Lacquer."
Ain't that the truth. I dabble in a few aspects of music (out of love and the need to feed myself) and this holds true for all of 'em. Repairs before building...gigs before composing... engineering/assisting for other bands before recording one's own...etc. If it's not one thing , it's another...thankfully!  
Blackburst - that sounds cool. Please post a photo when you get to the final stages.  
Here's a a maple 2x12 combo cab I built some time last year. i had one of my guitar building friends do the burst.  

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