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Re: 10M RA & 4M RA pots needed

9/5/2000 8:46 PM
Re: 10M RA & 4M RA pots needed
Yeah, that was me. I turned a 50k linear pot into a crybaby pot by shaping the resistor element. Works very well with low power levels. Not too difficult to do, but if you need something that dissapates wattage, it may not work too well. If you tried to turn a 1M into a 10M, you'd be shaving a lot of carbon off. You might be better off using a multiposition rotary switch with resistor dividers and experiment to get the right drops for your tone. The other solution would be to put in a CLM650 or NSL32AA optoisolator that runs from 400 ohms to 10M and run a divider circuit tacked to the back of the pot.  
No other suggestions here, other than buying salvaged test gear and ripping it apart in the hopes of finding the right pots.  
Good Luck.  

nuke How did shaving the pot work out in... -- 9/6/2000 8:23 PM