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previous: Chris B I have grounded my amp better than ... -- 9/4/2000 12:04 AM View Thread

Re: Update on fuzzy tone

9/4/2000 12:27 AM
Re: Update on fuzzy tone
Probably means that the amp was oscillating before your latest mod. Now you've lowered the frequency of oscillation to something you can hear. If it was oscillating ultrasonically, that could certainly account for a fuzzy bad tone. What does the amp do if you disconnect the negative feedback to the phase inv? Does the oscillation stop? You might need to reverse the leads on the output transformer sec. The previous ultrasonic oscillation could also be caused by the general lead dress in the amp.  

Chris B Before I posted this, (and by THIS ... -- 9/4/2000 12:54 AM
Chris B Forgot to mention, the amp oscilate... -- 9/4/2000 1:05 AM