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Re: More Opinions Please!

9/2/2000 2:23 AM
Re: More Opinions Please!
This is a variation on what Dutch said:  
What I've noticed from repairing old Fenders with screen grid resistors way out of tolerance, is the sound is a bit on the flabby side. I've seen many amps that were worked on by other techs, but they never bothered to replace the screens. This got me to thinking. If the out of tolerance value actually contributes to the sound of the amp, why not put in new resistors at the 600+ value like the ones that read way off, after all they're on their way out and will soon most likely eventually fail.  
Can't say I tried that meself, since all the amps with screen grid resistors way out of tolerance sounded like , how do we say?, mucky. Muddy would be the word. So I put in 470 ohm 1 or 2 watt, and CCs for that matter.  
Goodbye, gotta go, we're having thunder outside. Yow! It's a blast to be electrified.