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Re: '71 Marshall JMP 50 opinions

8/29/2000 12:39 PM
Lew Collins
Re: '71 Marshall JMP 50 opinions
I've had two of these amps...a '70 and a '71.  
Also an older '67 plexi 50 watt. The '67 had the warmest tone of the three and was not as loud as the '70 or '71. I still have the '70 and love's my best Marshall but to loud to play at home or at the Church gigs I play mostly these days. A THD Hot Plate is going to be next purchase. I use Tesla EL 34's in mine. I've tried Mullard, RCA and GE pre amp tubes...I like the RCA best. The Mullards were a little to dark sounding and the GE a little to bright. The RCA sounds best in my amp. Lew