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Re: Thoughts....

8/25/2000 2:47 AM
Carl Z
Re: Thoughts....
If i'm not mistaken, those trannies are as close to an exact match to the originals as you'll find anywhere. I think they're a slab wind too, which will affect the tone. Another thing is that the plate voltage should be matched to the OPT transformer design to retain the stock sound. You make changes and they will sound different. The speakers are the last thing your signal is going to see and also plays a major role in the sound of an amplifier. A good speaker can really make a difference in a shitty amp and a lousy one can make the best amp in the world sound bad.  
Mine are notably different than the tweed trannies in a couple of ways. I've got no rectifier winding on least not yet. Personally, I think tube rectification is highly overrated. I really don't like the quality of the new production 5ar4's and NOS is getting scare and VERY expensive. I don't believe in designing transformers or amps today around 50 yr old tubes. You really need to find ways to make modern products work the way you want them, but that's a discussion all it's own!  
Also the voltages are somewhat higher. The really low plate voltages play a very important role in the sound of the original 5F6A circuit. Having worked on a ton of different amps and tweaking my design for a good year, I can safely say that it seems that around 450 volts is a good compromise for most current production stuff out there. You get your voltages way up there and the amp sounds sterile. Too low and it gets too dark and muddy. The whole thing is a really tough call.  

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