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Re: evm 12l differences

8/20/2000 6:48 PM
Re: evm 12l differences
Hi Marcel, Are these all the EV 12L's or one of the force series? If so I have noticed the sound to be different with the Force EV compared to the EV 12L 200 watter. The freq's on the EV12L are 80-8k, and the Force EV is like 60-6k, a little warmer than the EV 12L, I hope this may help, some speakers change over the years in tone, due to moisture and humidity, so if you have all the same series EV's, this could be why. If one was used in a more dryer enviroment, it may sound ? a little dryer ? haha :), etc. If the paper is dryer or less plyable. Some new speakers tend to be a little stiffer when new, needing to be broke in from lots of good vibrations! Also make sure you have them polarized correctly! #1 if for some reason they are not polarized right they will sound different! A good way to check, is to take a 9 volt battery, and apply the + side of the battery to the + speaker terminal, and the same with the - terminal to the - battery side, when doing this, the cone of the speaker should travel forward slightly, if it goes inward towards the magnet, it is out of phase! you may have a reversed coil in the speaker, I would then wire it up the opposite way in that case, say you did the battery thing, and the cone sucked in when + to + - to - , then try wiring the speaker up + output to - speaker ground or - output to + speaker, to see if that cures your problem. I hope this makes sense, and does not confuse you.  
good luck,  

Ed BTW, this is for one speaker per ca... -- 8/20/2000 6:52 PM