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Re: what's the best amp/ speaker setup?

8/19/2000 1:24 PM
Sideways Jaye
Re: what's the best amp/ speaker setup?
Shac -  
Wow, that's a lot of questions, but I sure was in underequipped bands, so I'll try to help a bit.  
First and most important to me, if you are doing mostly material with vocals, don't skimp on the PA, and if you can't afford a very powerful PA, do NOT mike instruments through it. Most neophyte bands are plagued by inaudible, screamed, garbled vocals, and vocals are what the audience notices most. Get a monitor, as well, even if it's one powered "hot spot" for the lead vocalist.  
Second, I consider it a cardinal rule for the bass player and drummer to be right next to each other, then, as you say, the two guitars on the wings. Each instrument needs it's own amp for sure. 50 watts is more than enough for guitar amps, even less, generally if it's tube watts we're talking.  
Your bass player won't get by with less than a 100 watt amp for playing rock, and really, can't go wrong with 2-300 watts - those low frequencies take a lot more to push 'em out.  
Finally, play quieter! You'll be able to hear each other, you'll get tighter, the audience will feel like hanging around more (if this warehouse has hard floors and walls this is essential), your ears will appreciate it, and, then when the guitar solo comes around, you'll have something left in the tank as far as a little volume boost.  
Just my opinion, but the players that I really admire can get their tone at a reasonable volume level.  
Hope some of that helps,  
Good Luck,