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previous: Ken Gilbert Re: Pentodes in Triode Mode Questions (KG?) -- 8/18/2000 8:22 PM View Thread

Thanks Ken; a few more questions for you

8/18/2000 8:33 PM
Thanks Ken; a few more questions for you
Thanks for the reply Ken. I remember reading an earlier post of yours where you described an amp of yours that ran KT90's in UL or triode; I guess it was switchable. Which mode do you prefer? Is there much of a volume difference between the two modes? How about any differences in bass response? If I was not going to make it switchable between triode and UL, would using a screen grid resistor smaller than 1K sound better? It seems like I normally see a 100-ohm resistor for this application, although the new Marshall's use a 2.2K. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter (and in previous postings)!  

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