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Re: what do pentode preamps sound like?

8/10/2000 1:05 PM
Paul Stansfield
Re: what do pentode preamps sound like?
Cheers anyway Shane.  
I had a long chat with Derek @ Watford Valves about it, and he reckoned it's an EF86. He said Brian bought loads of NOS stuff, even metal tubes when he first started out, so the tube compliment can vary even within the same model. He also told me that Brian was paranoid about his designs and he used to rub off the lettering from the tubes and capacitors to stop people ripping off his designs (although they hardly seem "original"). Still, I got it for peanuts and it's got a cool old tone. It's a real shame they folded.  
Cheers again  

Shane Hi Paul'Interesting that, t... -- 8/13/2000 4:35 PM