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8/5/2000 5:54 AM
Steve A.
I don't know what to tell you, most guys learn to make their own...  
    I think that if you keep your leads short and watch your grounding scheme you can come up with something better than the original (especially if you are talking about 30+ year old designs!).  
    Guitar Player has been including photos of the chassis "guts" for many of the amps featured in their magazine; although the resolution is too low to make out the specific values it does give you a good idea how the amp was laid out (especially if you already have the schematic!).  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I had been thinking about putting together a collection of "rebuilds" for a typical SF Bassman eyelet board, showing the basic layout when converting the circuit to that of various killer amps. Unfortunately, that is a bit of a kludge and you end up with much longer leads than necessary, just to be able to use the existing eyelet locations... So I have since decided that it is better to make your own eyelet boards from scratch and save the "guts" of your old SF Bassman head in a box in case you want to restore it to its original circuit later.  
    In any case, just using the "vocabulary" of the old Fender layouts in coming up with a new design is not a bad idea on paper... so that you can instantly recognize the tone stack and the PI, rather than do everything "bassackwards" just to be original.

Casey4s Steve,I agree, I ha... -- 8/5/2000 12:12 PM