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Re: Customers Who Don't Pick Up Repairs

8/3/2000 3:36 AM
Re: Customers Who Don't Pick Up Repairs
Guys, maybe I take an unconventional approach, but after all, I've had one customer who was in the hospital for a year, then there are cats that drop off their amps then go on tour with their band for several months, so to me "it's money in the bank" so to speak and no need to charge "rent".  
Since I don't like it when customers nag me about their amp's progress, I don't play bill collector by harassing them after I've already informed them that their unit's repaired. However, when it seems like an amp has been around a bit too long, I'll call and ask if I can keep their amp or sell it. Then they come right over and pay for the repair or tell me on the phone I can have it. And yes, I record the phone.  
But what pisses me is when a customer wants his amp for a certain deadline and I get it ready in time, then the goob doesn't show up when he said he wanted it. Used to not charge rush fees, but now, yeah, fo sho.  
Remember, it's still basically money in the bank.  

Steve A. Ed:8/3/2000 4:01 AM