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Ampeg V-4 filter caps

7/31/2000 10:25 PM
Tom L
Ampeg V-4 filter caps
I've been putting off changing the filter caps in my V-4, but when playing certain notes I hear "beats." I checked the tube amp FAQ, which says that this can be caused by AC ripple. I tried measuring the AC after the filter caps, but I think my meter is not designed to distinguish AC from DC when both are present.  
Exact replacements for the 70-40-40 can caps are not available, so I'm trying to decide which would be better to use: 40-40-40-40 or 80-40-30-20 (using two sections in series to get the missing value). It seems like a toss-up to me, but does anyone have a reason to pick one over the other?  
Or have I misdiagnosed the problem?  

dutch q{40-40-40-40 or 80-40-30-20 }<... -- 8/1/2000 3:48 PM